Rietvallei Estate Muscadel 1908

About The Muscat Grape And Wines

Muscat is a white grape variety although the berry colour can vary is also known as Muscadel, Moscato, Moscatel, Muscat Blanc, Muscat Canelli and many other names depending on the country or variety. The Muscat wines are usually sweet dessert wines however you can also find drier style of the wine too as well as in Italian sparkling wines!

From Muscat wines you can expect a sweet floral aroma and taste making it a very elegant wine to have as an apertif or pudding wine.

Our Top Pick Muscat Wine

Although there are many countries making Muscat wines like France, Australia, Italy and many more we have picked this high end South African Muscadel wine produced by Rietvallei Estate’s

This dessert wine can be found in top hotels and restaurants being served to the discerning wine drinkers or people who enjoy only the finest things in life. Instead of having to book yourself into a London hotel to taste this amazing Muscat wine, just click on the buy now button at the top and enjoy this fantastic South African sweet wine at home!

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